Scouting Legion

“Outside the Walls”

About the Branch

The Scouting Legion is the military’s branch that ventures outside of humanity’s territory, with the ultimate aim of researching titans and combatting other threats, in an attempt to increase humanity’s knowledge of the outside world, while still working against those who seek harm.

Squads and Departments

The branch has four squads and two departments, each with different purposes within the branch.

Assault Squad

The spearhead of the branch’s formations. They have the free will to engage titans, when they see fit. They are the first line of engagement.

Defense Squad

The force that kills titans that have broken past the assault squad or titans that are attacking a military area or district. Also tasked with engaging against the forces of the Naluman footmen.

Support Squad

The squad that actively supports personnel within the formation, whether that be providing blade and gas supplies via carts, or providing extra medical attention to personnel.

Special Operations Squad

Consisting of some of the very best members within the Scouting Legion, they perform tasks that ordinary members of the Scouting Legion either cannot do, or are not trusted to do by the Scouting Legion high command.

Training Department

Tasked with training the personnel within the Scouting Legion, to better prepare the branch for engagement against titans and engagement against other humans, where needed.

Research Department

Consisting of the branch’s most intelligent and imaginative, working hard to better improve the branch’s equipment and create new equipment, to increase the odds of survival on expeditions, or researching and investigating information gathered on operations that better increase humanity’s understanding on topics.

Branch Requirements

In order to join the branch, you must have graduated the Trainee Corps with a score of 70 or above, or have permission from your branch commander to transfer branches, if you are already within a branch.

Further Information

You can read more information relating to the branch, by reading our handbook, which is linked below.