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Permanent Death Overview

     A Permanent death event, or PD for short, is an in-game activity where players most actively influence the community storyline through their in-game actions. Permanent Death Events can be activated at any time with an in-game notification. If a player’s character dies during a permanent death event, that character is considered dead in the lore. Dead characters can no longer be actively influenced by their player, and a new character must be created from scratch to contribute to the lore. All player achievements, items, lore knowledge, ranks, and faction membership are reset upon death and must be re-earned through a new character. However, actions made by players in these events directly shape the direction of the lore. 

Permanent Death Requests

     Permanent death events are broken down into two categories: flash events, and scheduled events.

     Flash events are for often used for assassinations on other players, kidnappings, arrests, jailbreaks, and on-the-spot events that must meet certain time or player requirements that cannot be planned out in advance. Flash events can be requested through staff members with stars next to their Discord usernames.

     Scheduled events are often hosted for premeditated events that have been planned out, such as expeditions or other large, coordinated activities. Scheduled events include activities like building events, expeditions, ceremonies, festivals, and bank robberies. Events in this category are usually done on behalf of factions, For faction-requested scheduled events, requesters must be a high-rank for that fraction – often third-in-command or higher. Scheduled events can be requested through the Permanent Death Event Request form. As an exception to the request form, courtroom trial events may be requested to any staff member at or above Moderator rank.

About Voids

     A void, in Attack on Titan: Universe terms, is a formal reversal of a death or negative status effect following a permanent death event. Voids allow for players who died during events through means of gameplay bugs or by another player’s violations of community rules to retain the original status of their character. Voids may be applied to character death, detainment status, MIA, and injuries. Void claims must be brought up to the hosting staff member for the event, but may be sent to upper-level officials for further review. The staff member retains the right to judge the void claim individually, or put the decision up to a staff-wide binding vote. If a void claim is accepted, status effects – like death – can be reversed and the player retains their character after the permanent death event.

Player v. Player Combat in Permanent Death

     By and large, combat in permanent death events follows a tiers-based system in permanent death combat. The tiers are:

PvP Enabled signifies that players have the ability to hurt and kill other players. 

During this state, PvP is not enabled but players have the ability to and players cannot deliberately attack each other. This is a state of heightened alarm for players as it warns them that combat has not broken out, but may occur at any moment. 

During this state, PvP is disabled and players cannot deliberately attack each other. 

     Permanent death events start at PvP Disabled mode. However, this can be changed with the announcement of a staff member in the permanent death event. 

     In this system, players have the ability to provoke escalation of the PvP tier with Aggressive Actions. When an aggressive action is conducted, staff members on hand will use their judgement and see if the PvP tier needs to be raised. The list of aggressive actions are: 

Permanent Death Rules

     The Permanent Death Rules under the Binding Ruleset take precedence. Rules here are placed for convenience. 

  1. PvP is disabled at the start of an event. It can be turned on by staff with an announcement. If you have a pre-approved assassination, you can do it as soon as PvP is turned on.
  2. If someone is random-killing, you can defend yourself even if PvP is not turned on. 
  3. Administrative commands cannot be used by participants in a Permanent Death event, except to use the /pm command to staff members to inform them of problems, or if you’re a branch HR using it to talk to people nearby or in your branch.
  4. Evidence for voids should be only sent to members of the staff team.
  5. Faked void evidence will not be tolerated.  
  6. We recommend players in a permanent death event record their viewpoint with video to be used as void evidence if needed.
  7. Players who need to leave during a permanent death event must let a the hosting staff member know of their departure before leaving.
  8. Usage of illegal tools (items obtained not in an in-lore capacity, like stolen guns) is not allowed.
  9. When fighting another player, you cannot hand-cuff them if they are actively resisting you with force.
  10. Guns (other than AP) cannot be used when grappling with the 3DMG. 
  11. Intentional killing other players must be pre-approved by the staff team during a permanent death event unless otherwise stated. Failure to do so will be punished as random-killing.
  12. Players cannot be killed or damaged for the first five seconds of an event. 
  13. Permanent death events held between the times of midnight to 6am Eastern time on weekdays are restricted:
    • No flash events – everything must be prearranged
    • Events must stay within one map
    • Everyone involved in the event must agree to the time provided

    These restrictions can be overruled by the Game Owner for special cases.