Table of Contents

Overview: What's a Faction?

     A faction in Attack on Titan: Universe is an organized group of people who express common interests or goals and works together under a recognized leader or leaders. Some examples of recognizable factions within the community include (but are not limited to) registered criminal organizations, religious sects, military groups, political movements, and family bloodlines.

Operational Guidelines

     The Factions Rules under the Binding Ruleset take precedence. Rules here are placed for convenience. 

     The current Factions Overseer is Luigi122342.

  1. All Faction communications servers must follow global Attack on Titan: Universe Community Server rules.
  2. Faction operations must abide by in-lore/out-of-lore rules in regards to not metagaming, and operate in a logical and realistic manner. 
  3. In the event that a faction is shut down or there the owner changes, the Factions Overseer should be informed by the faction leader to ensure appropriate changes are made.
  4. If a Faction falls below five (5) members, it will be provided with a 24-hour notice before being deleted. Once deleted, the faction must wait three (3) days before attempting to re-officialize with sufficient members. This rule does not apply to Bloodlines.
  5. Players who died in a permanent death event cannot rejoin, support, oppose, associate or otherwise interfere with factions they were a part of in their last life for seven (7) days after they die. This rule does not apply to Royal Military factions.
  6. Ownership of factions can be transferred if the owner dies or otherwise resigns in any way that is lore-appropriate.
  7. Players can only join a lore-important (i.e. royal, noble, etc.) faction once per lore.
  8. Lore-important (i.e. royal, noble, etc.) factions can only have up to 10 members. 

Rules for Bloodlines

  1. Official bloodline membership can only be given to players whose lore characters are under 2 weeks old. Players who have characters older than 2 weeks can only be adopted.
  2. Players cannot leave bloodlines. They may be disowned and familial connections severed, but each player may only join one bloodline per life. Families can still adopt players who left their first bloodline, but they may not become full bloodline members.
  3. A player can only be part of a royal bloodline once per lore.

Creation Requirements

     In order to create a faction, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. A minimum of seven members committed to join your faction
  2. An organized Discord / communications server
  3. A reason to exist within the current lore – operational goals 
  4. (Optional, but preferred) A Designated Staff member you’ve communicated with ahead of time