Foreword from the Game Owner

     Hey there. Thanks for reading this guide. Please make yourself comfortable. Before we get started, though, I’d like to tell you a story.

     Two years ago at the time of writing of this piece, I was a freelance developer. Strafing between different bosses, different projects, and different visions, I had often felt lost at the lack of concrete purpose in my work. One day, however, I received a request of a commission from a “dorkisu”, asking for a relatively simple piece of work. The person – owner of a group – was looking to improve the game he had at the time. When I signed onto the deal, though, I did not expect neither the depth or breadth of their goal or the highly energetic nature of his community. Paid work soon became free work, and I stayed on as a convert who abandoned seven-digit payouts for a spot in a well-founded, solid community.

     Two years later, the owner suffered an unfortunate leg injury and was unable to continue his work. In a widely unexpected move, I was offered to continue to lead the group I had left my previous occupation for. With no other viable alternative in sight, I reluctantly accepted. 

     That group was Attack on Titan: Universe.

     Today, I’d like to take this time to express my deeply found respect for this body of people, as a community, an institution, and a monument to the collective ability of the many players and leaders who have all had lasting contributions to this group. It is an incredible honor to be the guardian and leader of this wonderful community. Every day, I am honored to dedicate my time and serve Attack on Titan: Universe to the best of my abilities, whether it be through leadership, outreach, or direct development. 

     As a caretaker-in-lead of this vibrant group and of its many groups of diverse and different people, my goal is to strive to do the best that I can in steering unforeseen waters. I hope to not only continue the legacies of the past, but to expand them.

     I fell in love with Attack on Titan: Universe.

     I hope you will too.

     Thank you.

  • IDOnotHAVEanamneOK2, Game Owner

Introduction to Attack on Titan: Universe

     Hey there, and welcome to Attack on Titan: Universe!

     We’re a roleplaying group set within the inspiration and world of the Japanese multimedia franchise Attack on Titan. However, there are many twists that help to make it a truly unique experience on the ROBLOX platform.

     Before we dive into our community, we would like to provide a summary of what Attack on Titan is and how our group adapts its materials in Our Roots: Attack on Titan. If you would like to jump ahead a little, we continue in more detail about the many special features of our group in Elements of Our Roleplaying Community.

Our Roots: Attack on Titan

Primary logo of the Attack on Titan multimedia franchise

     Attack on Titan: Universe is set within the franchise Attack on Titan, developed by the visionary Hideo Kojima. The franchise set in a dystopian world where humanity neared extinction due to the presence of gigantic, man-eating mutants, known as Titans. Survivors were able to build three walls to shield themselves from the threat and continue everyday life in relative safety.

Icons representing the three branches of the Royal Military

From left: Scouting Legion, Stationary Guard, Military Police

     An organized, tripartite Royal Military comprised of branches, working together to ensure the continued existence of humanity. The Military Police, first in prestige, maintain law and order within the walls and fight crime. In the animated series and graphic novels, however, they are portrayed as corrupt and desperate for wealth. Members of the Stationary Guard collectively ensure that defensive fortifications – primarily the Walls – remain secure, eliminate threats like Titans damaging the Walls, and act in an ancillary capacity in assisting the Military Police with maintaining law and order. Finally, the Scouting Legion actively conducts military operations beyond the Walls to reclaim land, fight active external threats (typically Titans) and perform research in the field.

Blueprints of the three-dimensional maneuvering gear

    To combat the imminent threat of total annihilation, Humanity has developed technology called “omni-directional maneuvering gear”, also known as “three-dimensional maneuvering gear” (3DMG for short). This physical equipment is used by the Scouting Legion to defeat Titans when engaging in direct combat. Other branches of the military utilize the 3DMG for transportation.

The Colossal Titan and the Invasion of Shiganshina District

     Recently, Humanity was suddenly struck by a large, highly abnormal titan that breached Shiganshina District, destroying the gate separating internal safety from outside dangers. Titans entered, starting their murderous rampage and causing the collapse of organized resistance in the area., Humanity was in shock and mourned for their lost family and friends. However, plans of retaking the District will be in motion, soon…

Elements of Our Roleplaying Community

     The foundations of Attack on Titan: Universe is structured like an organized military role-play group. Incoming new members – typically members of the Royal Military join a Trainee Corps system and become Cadets. As Cadets, they attend hosted trainings and events managed by a team of managers, known as the Trainee Instructors.

     Upon graduation, Cadets are able to choose to enter a branch of the military in Attack on Titan: Universe and perform tasks in-game much like their expected function in the source material, whether that be fighting titans, shooting cannons, or maintaining order within the Walls. 

     Parallel to this group-training system of the military is the presence of a community-driven storyline. All players of Attack on Titan: Universe are able to contribute to a dynamic storyline where they are able to create and affect the outcome of major turning points. Unlike the official Attack on Titan franchise, we deviate – sometimes significantly – from the plot seen in the anime and manga (show and graphic novel series), maintaining a sense of innovation and creativity within our story. These high-stakes events are known as Permanent Death events, and special in form and function. Learn more about these events below. 

Basics of Permanent Death

     As covered in the above section, events that affect the player-led story are called Permanent Death events. Permanent Death events are a special game-mode that an AoT:U staff member can activate at any time. 

     Permanent Death events are typically arranged with the help of staff members. Any player or leader of an in-game group can request a Permanent Death event. More information on how to do so are in the Permanent Death Guidelines.

     Permanent death events impact the community storyline. Any actions that are taken during such an event are counted to be canonical acts that happened in the course of the AoT:U plot. 

     When a permanent death event starts, several gameplay factors are changed. The player-list completely disappears, as does player name-tags. This is intended to maintain anonymity among players during permanent death. 

     If you die in a permanent death event, your lore character also dies. This manifests itself in a loss of all of your progress and ranks in AoT:U up to that point. You then rejoin as a new player to try again in a different life.

     If you believe that you died in error in a Permanent Death event, you are able to request a void for your death. A void cancels your death and in effect, makes you alive again with your ranks and character. More information on obtaining a void can be found in the Permanent Death Guidelines. 

Points of Contact: The Staff Team

     If you’re in need of help, Attack on Titan: Universe offers multiple channels of assistance in which you can obtain support from anywhere. 

     If you’re in game, a staff member may be available to support you. Staff members have a special logo above their heads, and will be teamed in the “A:U Staff” team on the top-right leaderboard. 

On the main communications server, we also have a special #get-staff-help channel where you can post any inquiry, and a staff member will respond to it!