Table of Contents

Discord / Communications Server Rules

General Rules

  1. Please use common sense. Sometimes staff will put out punishments for bad behavior even if it isn’t 100% written in the rules.
  2. No sexually explicit inappropriate profile pictures.
  3. The staff team keeps the power to delete any posts to keep a friendly and respectful environment. If you want to ask why a staff member did something, do so in their Private Messages.
  4. The Veteran role is only given to players who have been in AoT:U and have shown consistent dedication for over two years. Proof must be provided to a staff member to receive this role.
  5. No alternate accounts, on Discord, ROBLOX, or any other site / platform unless approved by a staff member Administrator rank or higher.
  6. Players with lore characters can’t leave all primary ROBLOX AoT:U groups for over 48 hours. 
  7. it is punishable by death to defile the face of our lord and savior wall

Text Rules

  1. Treat each other respectfully. Debates and open discussion are good, but insults are not. If a member of the community tells you to stop harassing them, please do so.
  2. Too much offensive language and discriminatory hate speech are not allowed.
  3. Threats to other people, especially in real-life are prohibited.
  4. Please use English so everyone can understand what you’re saying.
  5. No @mentions unless a staff member or high-rank let you do it.
  6. No pornography, illegal or inappropriate content.
  7. No advertising, scamming, piracy or any other illegal actions.
  8. Special channels should be used for certain things, like spoilers channels (for discussion about the Attack on Titan franchise, for example) and bot commands.
  9. No harassment.
  10. Staff can stop discussions of controversial topics.

Voice Rules

  1. Please do not be annoying, loud, or disruptive sounds in Voice Channels.
  2. Please do not interrupt others while they are speaking.
  3. Please remain respectful to each other while in Voice Chat.
  4. Use Push-to-Talk if you have annoying background noises.

Roleplay Conduct Rules

  1. Only Trainee Instructors and staff members can rank Cadets and Instructors in the Trainee Corps.
  2. No out-of-lore bias (like being friends with other people) in role-play decisionmaking.
    1. This includes: no free-ranking.
  3. Only Trainee Corps graduates can use 3DMG in PD events. The staff team can make exceptions for emergencies. 

In-Game Rules

  1. No glitching through walls, especially if it’s to a restricted place like the jail or 3DMG cabin.
  2. Exploiting, hacking, and “third-party software” are not allowed.
  3. Do not spawn in lots of item bags on the ground to be annoying or to block places.
  4. Don’t troll.
  5. Leaving the server deliberately in order to avoid arrest is not allowed. 
  6. Erotic role-play, even if it’s not direct, is not allowed.
  7. All players are required to work with the staff team when needed, like giving information they may know about rule-breakers. 
  8. Don’t block, kill, or hand-cuff people that have a normal forcefield.
  9. “Spawn-camping” is not allowed. 
  10. Don’t metagame. Learn more about metagaming in the Metagaming section.
  11. Do not wear stupid clothes or do stupid things during a PD event.

Location-Specific Guidelines

Trainee Camp

  1. Do not interrupt Trainee Camp activities, like trainings.

Ceremonial Stage

  1. Do not interrupt Ceremonial Stage activities, most particularly Trainee Corps graduations.

King's Courtroom

  1. Don’t interrupt events held at the Courtroom (i.e. trials).


     Metagaming is when a player obtains external information (information your lore character does not know, which was obtained through private channels or other means) and tries to use it in lore, or shares information to other people even if they can’t. 

     This information can be in different forms, like text, pictures, and videos. It’s considered metagaming if you share information like that while in a permanent death event. 

     One sub-rule that comes from the concept of metagaming is “dead-men-tell-no-tales”. If you die in a Permanent Death event, information your character learned is lost because they’re dead. Because of this, you cannot share any information about a permanent death event if you died in it. It’s usually safe to just not talk about any event that you died in. Because of this rule, information gained in said permanent death events can only be shared if you survive the event.

     You can’t bring your real-life or non-AoTU relationships into lore: these are things like romantic loves or out-of-lore rivalries. You also can’t give or accept bribes (money, ROBUX, limiteds, etc.) to do something in lore.

     It’s important to not metagame. All players must with staff members investigating about metagaming. If you try to not cooperate, you could be at fault too. There’s usually big bans for people caught in the act.

     It’s also important to note here that spreading false information is not metagaming, as long as one does it to try to misinform others.

     There’s an exception to metagaming rules for online videos: it is okay to post any video that does not contain highly private events in a Permanent Death setting online. We encourage YouTubers be given a free hand when spreading the word about Attack on Titan: Universe events. However, videos cannot be used as proof for future events, because they’re not in lore.