Our staff team are the ones responsible for providing and regulating the fun roleplay environment of our players! If you have any question, inquiry, or concern, feel free to contact them!

Leadership Team

Game Owner

Hey there! I’m wall, and I manage the rest of the people down there, I guess. I also do most of the programming work involved with creating Attack on Titan: Universe. Drop by my Discord DMs and say hello!

General Overseer

Hello! I am Loogi, also known as Luigi122342 on Roblox. I am the current Overseer over AoT:U and I watch over and ensure that it stays active as best as it can be. I may have the highest power of all within the staff and lore team, but I have decentralized it all to trustworthy members such as the Head dev, Head Admin and Head of Lore. They are all a valueable cog to the machine that runs AoT:U. Other than that I am an IT-Intern for my local government, and I work from 08:00 – 15:00 CET (Central European Time). I have never dated  or ERPed with kornia1 and I like the color blue.

Head Administrator

She is the current Head Administrator after WindTheLion. Her job as Head Administrator is to ensure that staff team is running smoothly.

Fuck you.
– Sun Tzu (Utsuaxie)

Head Moderator

He is the current Head Moderator after MissingAdler. His job is to hire new  mods and train them. Currently the Head Mod has also taken the position of HTI within the Trainee Camp.

Administrative Team


Whilst holding the post of Administrator within the community, I am also apart of the lore team where I orient myself on matters concerning side lore but I also provide input on main lore whenever necessary. Furtherly, I manage and assist in other areas of the community such as economy management and civilian factor. If you have any questions regarding community or myself, feel free to contact me via Discord.

Moderator Team



FluffyEcrux Moderator

Hi I am fluffy DM me for med PDs. WindTheWion Deputy Head Adminyistwatow Gweetings owo My nyame is the WindTheWion, but Wion ow Wind is finye fow showt. My wowk as an AoT:U Adminyistwatow wevowves awound the cweation of side awcs and hosting some pwayew wequested events. Anyothew wawge componyent of my job is the up-keep of the genwe’s econyomy featuwe, so feew fwee to shoot me some questions, suggests, ow concewns wegawding the featuwe. My messages in genyewaw awe open fow suggestions/questions – which I’ww twy to answew to the best of my capabiwities – and I’m awso someonye you can come and tawk to you if you’we having an issue within the communyity ow with othew pwayews. I wiww awways heaw out any hawassment cases and conduct an investigation wooking into the mattew, so don’t feew intimidated ow ashamed to bwing it to my attention. It is my best hopes that you enjoy youw time in ouw communyity as onye of it’s membews owo


I’m Izumiuo or Izu. I do not have a lisp as many might think, it is called Rhotacism 🤓 Anyways come to me mainly for TTs, Med PDs, and Building PDs. No Mining. Ive been a mod for a year straight so I probs won’t be promoted to admin, so guess im stuck mod for another few months or a year.


Hello! I am Sleep, mainly known as the local admin abuser and rule breaker. I’ve been in AOT:U for around 4 years since December of 2018. Ever since I joined I took the content creator side of things and made an engaging channel on both twitch and youtube. I’m apart of the outreach team and content creation team. I’m a really easy going person and always willing to answer your DMs with concerns or questions. Hope you choose to join AOT:U for full and fun experiences in lore and out of lore via multiple ways of interacting with the community!


Hello I’m Mystic_Fatality, one of the moderators.
Everyone calls me Mystic though.
Let’s get straight into it….
People usually ask me for things such as:
Medical PDs, titan trainings, woodcutting, etc.
Economy and faction team are my main departments so feel free to dm me regarding help in those respective areas.

Pretty much it. Just message me @Mystic_Fatality#2876.