Our staff team are the ones responsible for providing and regulating the fun roleplay environment of our players! If you have any question, inquiry, or concern, feel free to contact them!

Leadership Team

Game Owner

Hey there! I’m wall, and I manage the rest of the people down there, I guess. I also do most of the programming work involved with creating Attack on Titan: Universe. Drop by my Discord DMs and say hello!

Head Administrator

Hey, I’m Edios5. I’m the interim Head Admin for AoT:U. My main focus is running the lore team. My special interests include player immersion, lore utility immersion, and the use of music in-game to deepen player immersion. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding these processes!

Deputy Head Administrator

Greetings! My name is the WindTheLion, but Lion or Wind is fine for short. My work as an AoT:U Administrator revolves around the creation of side arcs and hosting some player requested events. Another large component of my job is the up-keep of the genre’s economy feature, so feel free to shoot me some questions, suggests, or concerns regarding the feature. My messages in general are open for suggestions/questions – which I’ll try to answer to the best of my capabilities – and I’m also someone you can come and talk to you if you’re having an issue within the community or with other players.  I will always hear out any harassment cases and conduct an investigation looking into the matter, so don’t feel intimidated or ashamed to bring it to my attention. It is my best hopes that you enjoy your time in our community as one of it’s members!

Deputy Head Administrator

Whilst holding the post of Deputy Head Administrator within the community, I am also apart of the lore team where I orient myself on matters concerning side lore but I also provide input on main lore whenever necessary. Furtherly, I manage and assist in other areas of the community such as faction management, economy management and civilian factor. If you have any questions regarding community or myself, feel free to contact me via Discord.

Head Moderator

Hello, my name is Toni, and I am an Administrator for AoT:U. My DM’s are open for anything you need, be it relating to the genre or any questions in general. I am currently focusing on Computer Science as a whole, so if you need any help just DM me, and I might be able to help. I am also open to helping you with any problems you have, be it due to harassment or bullying, so if you shoot me a quick DM I will try to help you ASAP.

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Administrative Team


Hi I’m Pigeon XDDD

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Hey there, my name is Maath. I’ve been in AoT:U for a few years and in my honest opinion… SL just seems to be the funniest branch right now. Hit me up on discord if you have any PD requests or questions about the staff or the game, just make sure to get to the point.


Hey there, I’m Neve or Luna, whatever you actually want to call me, and I’m from the UK. I’m currently studying Computer Science, French, Triple Science and Art. I’ve been in AOT:U for almost three years now, and it’s been a wild ride for the most part, but there’s more in stock for the future.


Hello, I’m Luigi or as some people may call me, Lawigi. I am a moderator for the AoT:U community, and I also review faction requests for the community. I am also working with suitable punishment durations for simple or advanced offenses. I still have no idea what to study, but I am planning for something in the “computer” area. I have been in this community since 2016, and still, love this community since the day I joined and I believe you should too! My DMs (LAWIGI#9783) are always open for any questions or personal requests.


Hello, I’m Artic. In terms of working at AoT:U I primarily assist with whatever’s needed. I’m currently studying Avionics – feel free to shoot me a DM and I’ll try to get to you asap.

Moderator Team


Hello I’m Soll. Been a member here for the past year, and a reoccurring staff member since then(they can’t keep me from coming back). As your local tax collector and TC advisor, I basically tackle the community’s economy and TC operations on top of my other duties. You won’t see me some weekends as I’m training in the Florida National Guard, and some nights at all as I’m currently studying aeronautical planning and operations, as well as psychology. If you want to talk, tag me, and if you want to shoot me a DM, my contact is @Soll | Mod. Have fun in AoTU, and I hope you enjoy knowing the team more!