Attack on Titan: Universe

The oldest - and best - Attack on Titan roleplay experience on ROBLOX. Driving innovation in blending game development and immersive storytelling since 2014. Carve out your very own legacy in the world of Attack on Titan, whether that be in the military, in government, or something else entirely. Join one of the most passionate and dedicated communities on the platform. Join Attack on Titan: Universe today.


Activities and events are conducted on our ROBLOX game, featuring over twenty connected maps in a cohesive, immersive universe.

Community Server

Events and community members are organized and mobilized on our Discord Community Server. Through Discord, we are able to leverage instant communications to reach out to our community at the snap of a finger.

Our Staff

Attack on Titan: Universe has an innovative and dynamic group of people behind it in administration and storywriting, weaving and bringing to life ever-changing, malleable and interactive stories.

Learn More

We’ve put together a comprehensive community guide that will bring you up to speed and make you feel right at home inĀ Attack on Titan: Universe. Click here to learn more!

Attack on Titan: Universe