Since 2014, Attack on Titan: Universe has been a pioneer in creating innovative stories and experiences.

Today, we'd like to continue that tradition and deliver the ultimate Attack on Titan roleplaying experience available on ROBLOX.


Attack on Titan

Version 5

The best Attack on Titan roleplaying experience you'll find anywhere on ROBLOX.

All-New Features

Lore Reset

With this new slate of technology brings with it the opportunity for us to refresh our slate and bring in new stories to tell. We’re proud to announce the next generation of in-lore leaders who’ll bring forth new reform.

     military led by waffleeye27

Scouting Legion
     led by PigeonPrime

Overall High Command

Stationary Guard
     led by thyrxir

Overall High Command

Military Police
     led by MercilessAkumu

Overall High Command

We also know that certain players have questions about their current ranks and how they might change in this lore reset.

Cadets won’t experience any change in their rank at the lore reset! We’re not going to stop players currently going through our initiation process or force them to repeat segments they’ve already completed in the recent past.

Current branch members will be returned to the Awaiting Testing rank in the Trainee Corps. While they will not need to attend more trainings, they will need to re-pass the Trainee Corps graduate exam in order to be re-placed into a branch. We’re doing this to allow for players to be re-evaluated in front of new branch leadership while reducing the amount of stress given to the members themselves.

Nope! All branch members, other than the leadership figures above, will face the same treatment. It’s a reset, after all. 

As of now, no. The Instructor Corps will not be reset. However, to prevent abuse of this Instructors at the time of the lore reset will not be allowed to transfer for four (4) weeks after the reset to prevent opportunistic transferring. 

Appropriate staff and lore teams will be regulating the start of lore to prevent anything too crazy from happening in the first few days of lore, as people begin to settle down and reposition themselves.

In this lore, we’re looking to pilot a new lore-team directed NPC monarch for the start of lore. We’re doing this to ensure a lack of bias from the monarchy from the get-go and to ensure that operations remain smooth. Once lore is firmly established, it is possible that a monarch will be chosen.

Trainee Corps Reforms

At Attack on Titan: Universe, we understand that there have been ongoing, endemic issues with the Trainee Corps. We’ve taken due diligence and are now ready to announce a set of new programs taking place for both incoming Cadets and returning veterans! 

With these changes, the Trainee Corps will become an experience suitable for both returning veterans and new players.

Accelerated Exam

Responding to concerns that returning players may find starting the Trainee Corps to be undesirable, we've created a General Proficiency exam. With a passing score, players can now skip the first two ranks of the Trainee Corps allowing them to hop into the best of of AoT:U. There's no restrictions on who can take it, allowing everyone to benefit!

Practical Curriculum

We've redesigned our Trainee Corps experience, especially our Initiate and Enlisted ranks, to be focused on practical experiences. With this redesign, we've eliminated long, boring classroom segments and replaced them with dynamic, interactive exercises that truly embody what Attack on Titan: Universe has to offer.

Mark your calendars

We’re working as hard as we can to deliver Version 5 to the community as soon as possible! Check back here for additional news and updates as they come along.